Buying a Lake Home in Northeastern Indiana?

Are you thinking of buying a lake home in northeastern Indiana? I have been selling homes for the past 33 years. I love what I do. I love matchmaking homes to people and watching them fall in love. Steuben County in the far northeastern section of Indiana has over 101 lakes! You can choose living on a big ski lake with lots of activities. Or perhaps choose a quieter, smaller lake. Sometimes folks don’t really know where to start. That’s where I can help. I’m familiar with almost all of the lakes and can help you once we’ve had a chance to meet. Some of the towns around here include Angola, Fremont, Hamilton, and Orland, Indiana. These are all great small towns. Next door to the west is Lagrange County where again, we have 75 lakes. Let’s make that dream of yours of living on a lake, a reality. Call Sandi Davis Cather now at (260) 687-1800. Or email: Check out my website: